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Le Castel is no longer operating. Many thanks to all our previous guests for your support




























































































































































Le Castel and Covid19....subject to change at short notice

We have gone for a sensible but relaxed covid policy that hopefully allows you to have a great holiday in a safe environment.
Upon arrival at Le Castel the usual handshake will be exchanged for liberal squirts of alcohol hand gel for everyone followed by a quick temperature check with an Infra red gun that takes one second. Anyone with a high temperature will be escorted off the premises by dogs in hasmat suits.
Meal times will involve more squirts of gel. There will be baby wipes everywhere....we had those before!
We have made a number of other changes...
Meals will be one family on a table rather than the usual melee. Buffets will be swapped for individual portions...but don’t be afraid to ask for more if any portion is too small. We have always gone for individual jams, butters etc because even in normal times you don’t want little Archie dipping his spoon in the jam, licking it and putting it back.
The much loved slow roasted belly of pork will be swapped for individual roast chickens for each family.
Play sessions may not be happening this year, but we are planning to do movies on the big screen before and after dinner time so hopefully parents get some down time. After 8pm kids will be banished to their bedrooms for adult only drinking time...at a distance!
Rooms will not be serviced during your stay. We already had a system for nappies and that will continue. There will be a new system for towels, wet beds etc. At the end of your stay it would be appreciated if you would strip your beds.
We are assuming there will be no social distancing with the nippers, but adults will be able to socialise easily in three acres of parkland. The hammocks are particularly good for social distanced chats and drinks.
Chris, who helps me, is very covid concious. Everything coming out of the kitchen will have been produced in a safe environment. All left over food will be disposed of. We have a high temperature dishwasher.
A few random ramblings from last year's update - that may still be necessary...
It is obvious that Le Castel can’t operate as usual. However, Le Castel is a private home so I can suggests everyone wears full NBC/hasmat suits at all times or just swimming shorts and a bikini for dinner. I am hoping there will be a happy medium (Doris Stokes has been consulted).


Wine will be on tap...yes you can have it with cornflakes if you need it.


We are not going to bother cleaning your suite while you are staying. We will simply muck it out thoroughly when you leave. To be honest...this is the usual state of affairs. Most of our beautiful suites are trashed within minutes of a family arriving- suitcases seem to vomit across every surface.


We usually have baby wipes in strategic places. This year there will be more. Usually, they are for chocolate covered faces. They still will be...but they also clean just about anything...including spilt wine and germs.


There are three hammocks that are already socially distanced...away from children. Enjoy. Take a glass of wine.


I have put several bags of salt in the sand pit to sterilise it. However, there are beautiful deserted beaches 20 minutes away.

Oh heck...I am not sure how to run Le Castel in July and August...if we are allowed to open.

Le Castel is usually a ridiculously social place in the summer school holidays. Children play together and everyone eats together...well on three nights we put the kids to bed and parents have adult only time (that used to be very popular).

I am open to suggestions as to what should happen this year. What would make you feel safe? 

There is no guarantee that summer holidays will exist..but I am vaguely hopeful.

If you want to make a reservation I will take it and be hugely grateful. No need for any deposits or advance payments..just turn up!

Do any school teachers have suggestions for social distancing children under the age of 8? I am assuming not! There are only so many games of silent statues or hide and seek that you can play. Anyone for ring a ring a roses?

Parents...you each get your own suite. Breakfast can be pretty spread out. We already use individual packs of jam, butter etc...because even in the best of times no one wants little Arthur licking a knife and putting it in a jar of jam.

Lunch...you can go off to a lovely deserted beach with a picnic made with hands in a glove.

Now dinner...there’s the rub. Usually Le Castel is like a very lively dinner party. For many parents the adult only dinners are a much loved rarity. ..grown up conversation for a change. Incidentally, some of you should try not to talk about your kids. Most parents are trying to forget they are upstairs...even when crying!

Anyway...what to do? Take everyone’s temperature before sitting down for drinks? What if it’s been hot and you have sunburn? Eating with a mask is a tad difficult...anyone managed it?

Do you want to sit six feet apart and shout to other tables?

Perhaps bbq each night...cook your own food. I could be quite happy with self sufficient guests for a change!

Rooms...we will be happy to not clean your rooms. Sometimes it is almost impossible anyway. So many parents seem to suffer from what I call vomiting suitcase syndrome - stuff seems to cover every available surface moments after you arrive.

In the old days we were occasionally the host to chicken pox parties. One kid would go down with chicken pox and within moments other parents were throwing their kids into mix. Quick, go get the virus Veronica. Not so sure Coronavirus parties will be so popular until we know more.

Cleaning...oh no....it is difficult enough keeping Le Castel clean with ten or more kids racing around the place in a normal year. However, they are less than half the size of an adult so can we just sanitise above waist height?

Getting here...well Brittany Ferries have cabins..so you can self isolate on the journey even during day time crossings. Then nip back to the safety of your car and drive an hour to Le Castel.

Apologies if any of the humour seems misplaced...but any suggestions (real or comical) will be gratefully received! Getting here...well Brittany Ferries have cabins..so you can self isolate on the journey even during day time crossings. Then nip back to the safety of your car and drive an hour to Le Castel. 

Apologies if any of the humour seems misplaced...but any suggestions (real or comical) will be gratefully received!


A lot of pre Covid stuff is still on my website, including photos...this is staying for when we get back to normal. However everything is currently subject to change.


Le Castel is a classic Napoleon III chateau in Normandy offering Bed and Breakfast plus some rather special family holidays in school breaks.

We specialises in all-inclusive family holidays in July and August, but at other times we are a normal Chambre d'Hotes (guest house) for adults. The idea of a Chambre d'Hotes is that it is a friendlier and more relaxed environment than a hotel.

  Le Castel is luxurious for adults but fun for kids.

We also do weddings and whole house bookings for special parties at any time of year.

This small chateau has  just four suites, which each have two interconnecting bedrooms, but two of the suites split into individual rooms.

We also have a cottage in the grounds - usually for self catering guests, but they get to enjoy the salon in the main chateau, the terrace and all the children's facilities in the grounds. We offer free tea, coffee and soft drinks in the chateau salon. There is also free ice cream or lollies for kids.

Outside of July 1 to September 2 we offer pre school age holidays at reduced rates. 


Check out a great video of Le Castel on Youtube. Here is the link.


NEW  - a suite for granny and grandpa..or a small family

Our brand new Comte suite has been designed with granny and grandpa in mind, but it is also ideal for a family with with one or two children. It is a small but perfectly formed suite on the ground floor.


We specialise in:

Luxury almost all inclusive family holidays -  From the beginning of June to the end of August we usually only offer week-long almost all inclusive breaks for families. But in August 2019 we are being more flexible thanks to Brexit! The chateau and grounds are full of toys and it is meant to feel like a home from home. We have a very relaxed attitude to noise, breakages etc! We are aimed at 0 to 8 year olds but we often get families that also include older children. We have most things you need for a holiday with a baby or toddler - high chairs, cots, changing mats, baby baths, potties, toilet steps etc. Le Castel has been voted one of the top real money slots family-friendly places in the world by The Guardian, The Sunday Times and the Daily Telegraph. We have also featured in most UK national newpapers and dozens of magazines including Mother & Baby mag. We have also appeared in magazines in Russia, Greece, Czech Republic etc

Bed and Breakfast - Outisde of July and August we offer individual rooms and suites on a B&B basis. Evening meals are often available from 28 euro a head including wine and beer.

Whole house bookings - rent all rooms on a self catering, B&B or all inclusive basis. Ideal for a special  birthday party, a wedding, anniversary or just a get-together with friends or family. Perfect for around 12 to 14 guests (with or without children). Up to 20 guests if you take the cottages too. Available at Christmas and New Year. Can be booked on an all inclusive basis for adults or parents and children over the festive period

Self catering cottage - We have a self catering cottage in the three acres of grounds. The cottage has two bedrooms. However, at Le Castel you don't just rent a cottage - you have a holiday experience. Self catering guests can use the salon and terrace at the main chateau and enjoy free tea, coffee and soft drinks. You also get full use of all the facilities in the grounds including the play marquee where children can help themselves to free lollies and ice creams. The play marquee is full of toys and has 65sq metres of soft play area.


Le Castel is near all of Normandy's top tourist sights - including the stunning monastery at Mont St Michel, the D Day landing beaches and the Bayeux tapestry.

Le Castel offers luxurious and versatile accommodation. You can hire anything from a suite to the whole chateau for a party or wedding. The three big suites become individual rooms with the turn of a couple of keys.

Larger parties can also hire the  self catering cottages

In summer there is an above ground swimming pool (5.5 metres/18ft diametre, heated in July and August) plus a huge Camelot style play marquee (65 sq metres of soft play area) filled with toys for young kids,  trampoline, bouncy castle , climbing wall, swings, slide and a woodland den area.

There is easy access from the ferry ports at Cherbourg, Caen and St Malo, which are served by Brittany Ferries. They are all around an hour away. Calais with its ports and Eurotunnel is around 4.5 hours on very good roads.

Our rooms are named after historical French figures:

Emperor suite - Napoleon (double) and Josephine (twins) rooms

Roi suite - Marie Antoinette (double) and Louis (twin) rooms

Dauphin suite - The Charles VII (double) and Joan of Arc (triple) rooms.

Comte suite - suitable for Granny and Grandpa or for a family with one or two children.

They are all completely different and are furnished with local antiques. Some rooms have ensuite showers while others have bathrooms.

Read more

All inclusive family holidays

Le Castel is a haven for young children during many of the school holidays, when our marquee becomes a big play zone with soft flooring and loads of toys. There is also an above ground swimming pool (heated in July and August), den area, swings etc. We offer children's meals at 5pm so adults can sit down later to a peaceful dinner.

Our four suites manage to be child friendly and luxurious (quite a tough thing to pull off!)

Each suite consists of two interconnecting rooms and kids will find a box of toys and story books to keep them amused.

One of the suites can take up to four children while the other two are designed for two or three children.

During June, July, August we only offer all inclusive family packages. We aim the all inclusive holidays at 0 - 8 year olds but children of all ages are welcome. Read more

Self Catering Cottage
Votre is in a row of three cottages in the three acres of parkland - two cottages are not available for letting

Votre has two bedrooms, one bathroom, a second toilet plus a large open plan reception room with four sets of double French doors.


Read more

Le Castel is an ideal venue for a special party with family or friends. We have hosted many 40th, 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthday parties plus Golden Wedding celebrations. Le Castel is also ideal for vintage car rallys, golf breaks etc.  With exclusive hire you have the choice of self catering or we can do all the cooking for you. Prices from £850 a night for self catering for the main chateau (not August). The cottages and the chateau together cost £1,100 a night or £7,000 a week. Read More

Le Castel is a fairytale venue for weddings. We have a natural cathedral of trees with sails flying out of them for your blessing and there is a Camelot style marquee with two spires that can seat up to 65 guests. Le Castel is meant to feel like your own home for the duration of the wedding stay. We can take care of all the preparations for your big day, but we encourage you to get involved as much as you would like to. Read more

Le Castel is perfectly located to visit Mont St Michel, the D Day landing beaches and the Bayeux tapestry - 45 mins to an hour away.  They are the big three, but there are also beautiful chateaux, ruined castles, great beaches, forests, abbeys, cathedrals, zoos and theme parks. There are also foodie trails or an antiques tour we can send you on. Deserted beaches are 15 minutes away. Read more

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